Our fist logo, whose fingers spell MIT, is available for download and use. A raised fist logo was first used by the Industrial Workers of the World in 1917. Various adaptations of the iconic image have since been used as symbols of solidarity, support, unity, and strength by groups including the Black Panther Party and Socialist International. The clenched fist gesture has been used as a salute for antifascism (first, during the Spanish Civil War), Black Power, workers’ movements around the world, anarchism and libertarian socialism, among others. We invite you to respectfully use this image both as a sign of solidarity with other members of the MIT community who may feel fear or oppression, and as an outward-facing proclamation of the values we live here at MIT.

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Good Night Alt Right, Roger Peet

from our friends @ justseeds.org

buttons, by “A”




Agitate-Educate-Organize, Josh MacPhee

Feet On The Ground, Ariana Mygatt       Shut it Down, Nicolas Lampert             Don’t Mourn, Janina A. Larenas



 : a collection of graphics from female artists


 art from counter-inaugural protests